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How To Care For Your Leather

Vegetable-tanned leather is as such that the more you use , the more attractive it becomes .
However, leather if not cared for properly even the best leather might take some damage due to prolong wear and exposure over time.
In order to keep your favorite leather piece feeling and looking good , regular leather care is necessary.
Here are some useful tips on how to maintain and care for your leather to ensure it last a life time .

The Timing Of Care

A good rule of thumb is when you touch your leather it feels dry.
Similar to human skin, genuine vegetable-tanned leather tends to become dry and over time and lose its shine.

The more you feel your leather the more you will be able to find the right timing for polishing.


  • Leather Wax
  • Cloth

※Avoid using pile fabrics or any other kind of loose fabric that can get caught on the zippers. We recommend a natural material such as cotton that is soft and won't scratch the leather.

How To Care For Your Leather

1.Wipe Off Dust

First, take a dry cloth and wipe gently to remove all traces of dust off the leather.
It is also important to pay attention to the seams stitchings as it is more prone to dust accumulation.

2. Take The Wax To The Cloth

Apply a small amount of wax to a clean piece of a soft cloth. (about the size of a rice grain) Remember not to use too much at once, take a little at a time depending on the size of the product.

3. Spread The Wax

Apply wax starting with a small area that is not obvious. Slowly spread out the wax by massaging the leather in a circular motion until you have covered all surfaces. Over applying wax and rubbing may lead to wrinkles, so the key is to apply it thinly and quickly.

※Depending on the type of leather, applying too much wax may cause the color to fade. We recommend that you try on an indistinct area before using it for the first time.

4. Glazing

Once you have finished step 3, give the leather one last rub with your thumb but this time with a little more force. Use the waxed area of the cloth and give it a nice rub until the whole area is shiny, and you’re done!

Real leather doesn't deteriorate over time, instead, it continues to change.
And if well taken care of, the leather will continue to take on a beautiful form in the years to come.
So try it out during your free time or when you’re in the mood.

Introduction Of Wax

This is inokura leather original leather wax made from 100% beeswax. This product is made exclusively for leather and because it is purely made of natural ingredients, it’s formulation gives a good balance of stretching, penetration, nourishment, and protection and can be used on a wide variety of leather products(sofas, bags, shoes, purse, belt, etc), eliminating surface roughness and bring your leather products back to life.

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