Inokura Leather

※There is a possibility that the color simulator and the actual color may differ slightly.Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Leather Color

Rose pink

Stitch Color


Metal Fittings Color


Belt Strap Color

- -

Change Back Side Leather Color

- -

Engraving Color

- -

▼ Select Leather Color

▼ Select Stitch Color

▼ Select Metal Fittings Color

▼ Change Belt Strap Color※ Addtional charges

▼ To change the color of the leather back ※ Addtional charges

▼ To change the color of the engraving color ※ Addtional charges

Two-Tone : Choose to change either the color of belt strap or back of the leather.
Three-Tone: Change the color of both the belt strap and back side of the leather

※ Please note that if you were to choose the same color for the beltstrap and back leather, it will be a three-tone customization.

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