Inokura Leather

Belt Clip Loop Keychain Holder 【Short size】 [With UV name engraving] (ベルトループ type-A ショート UV文字入れ)


Personalized engraving is now possible on this belt clip keychain holder!
With the introduction of the latest laser technology, we are able to create more diverse character engravings.
Engrave your favorite letters in English, Japanese, symbols, and more.

--mm x --mm (-- in x -- in)
--mm x --mm (-- in x -- in)

What is Customizable?
• Muti-color : Choose from our wide variation of colors or select "Custom color" and get to choose your very own color
• Custom text
*TEXT is limited to 5 CHARACTERS


Step 1
Select UV print colors or select “custom color” and tell us the color of your choice.

Step 2
Enter custom text/color
Example: Inokura ( “Ino” in Sky blue , “Kura” in White)

Step 4
Click “Add to cart button” and proceed to make payment

※ Logos and trademarks of manufacturers may be subjected to intellectual property rights (copyrights) Please note that we are not responsible for their use. customers will be ordering at their own risk.

Production lead time: 1 week time
Estimated shipping time: 1 ~ 2 weeks

Product code
beltloop_type-a_Short size_(free_engraving_of_name)
  • Price ¥ 8,250

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